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Kacie’s Top Things That Made My Week Suck Less

So I’m still pretty useless. It’s been exactly a week since I was sliced open and I still get super winded after taking a shower and I might actually be running out of shows to watch on Netflix and Hulu (I’ve even gone to local daytime channels...Divorce Court, anyone? Maury? Martha Bakes?!)

That being said, I have alot of time on my hands. So I decided to make a list for you my dear readers of some of the fantastic products we carry in shop that have made my week a bit brighter. I added links to our online shop with each item, YES we ship! We also offer local pickup, so you can order ahead and make someone else pick it up for you if you’re as useless as I am! YAY!

1.) Goat’s Milk Soap by Paws N Grow with It

This shit is heavenly. There’s no other way to say it. Locally made goat’s milk soap (from local goats!) It is legit the creamiest, most moisturizing soap I’ve ever used. Taking showers this week has been more exhausting than I’d ever thought, and with this soap I don’t even need to use lotion. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling either, just soft creamy & smooth wonderfulness. I personally go for the lavender + clary sage combo (you’ll hear more on those oils below👇🏻), but you can’t go wrong with any of them. Also, did I mention it’s locally made?! It’s locally made.

(Pssssst! Try it as a face soap with a scrubby sponge! OMG! You’re welcome!)


2.) Purple People Pleaser Roller Oil

Ohhhh lavender! It instantly puts me in a better mood. To be honest, I use this all the time. Lavender is just awesome. It’s been especially helpful for me this week with keeping calm & sleeping since I’ve had a hard time getting comfortable at night. (Tummy sleepers unite! How do you back and side sleepers do it? My hips are KILLING me!) Also, lavender just smells so lovely and it makes me feel lovely.


3.) Roll the Bitch Away Roller Oil

To be fair, I am just a big fan of these rollers. They’re easy to use and you can toss them in a bag and not worry about spillage. This particular blend is my go-to for when Aunt Flo is in town, and this week with my fluctuating hormones and all around moodiness, it’s been really helpful. Clary Sage is so so so good for cramping. I always use it a week before and during my period, BUT this week I’ve been rolling it on daily. It smells nice and woodsy (with a hint of lavender) and has truly been a hero for me this week.


4.) Chins Up Tits Out Mug