Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With less than a week away until Mother's Day, you better get your sh*t together & get something GOOD for your mama. Whether you're a procrastinator or perhaps you just haven't found that perfect gift yet, I've put together a handy dandy guide to our best products that will WOW Mom (and won't break your budget either!)

Harveywood Necklaces

Mom always appreciates jewelry, and these Harveywood necklaces are niiiiiice. Handcrafted, locally made from fallen live oak trues from Hurricane Harvey with colorful resin inlays. Mom can carry a piece of Rockport’s history with her wherever she goes. Best of all? One size fits all, the leather cords are adjustable! (Price: $15, In store & Online

What a HUNK! Harveywood serving board with turquoise inlay

Harveywood Cutting & Serving boards

Another great gift idea utilizing wreckage from Hurricane Harvey! These serving boards are made from fallen live oak trees with your choice of genuine turquoise or mother of pearl inlay. They look great as a table centerpiece on their own! (Price: varies, call to order)

Swarovski Wish Bracelets

Good things come in small packages! Simple yet stunning. Waxed cotton cord with genuine vintage Swarovski crystals. Each one comes packaged with poem insert too, so it’s easy to gift! (Price: $5, In store & Online

Locally Made Goat’s Milk Soap

After all you've put her through over the years, Mama deserves a bit of pampering don’t you think? These goats milk soaps are so creamy & luxurious! Infused with essential oils & milk from local goats, these soaps lather up and leave you feeling totally moisturized. (Price: $9.50, in store & online

All My Kid’s Crap tote bags

These are great for storing all those hot wheel cars, an Ipad, snacks, wipes, and whatever else junk your children require you to have on hand (and enough room for maybe your own wallet and phone?) (Price: $22, in store & online

Essential Oil Rollers

Serenity Now & Purple People Pleaser are my picks for gifting, but depending on the time of day, mom may appreciate the others more. Each one has it's own unique uses & fit easily inside your purse or pocket for on-the-go aromatherapy.

(Price: varies, in store & online

Collage Art Cards by Kelly Schaub

Sure you can go grab a typical “Happy Mother’s Day” card from the grocery store, but why not go for something more unique? Each one is handmade & one of a kind by local artist Kelly Schaub utilizing vintage & found objects, each card is it’s own mini masterpiece! And once Mother’s Day is over—mo