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Seasonings & Rubs

Seasonings & Rubs


Our own special blends and recipes!


Dirty Ass Mullet Man's RUB MY MEAT- great for all types of meat! Everyone loves a good rub down, so satisfying and great for anytime.


Hot Lixx Cheddar Thrust- Golden cheddar cheesy goodness with a WHAM BAM kick in the balls of Ghost Pepper. 


Naughty Neighbors BBQ Blend- Pull that pork! This sweet, smoky blend is great for all your backyard grilling shenanigans


Suburban Sweetheart Scorch- she may look sweet, but she comes with a KICK! Sweet heat with trinidad scorpion pepper gives this blend that spice you've been craving


Hula Hooter's Maui Onion- YUM! We love this on popcorn and veggies! Sweet savory onion flavor--reminiscent of Funyons!


Roughneck Romeo's Steakhouse Seduction- OOoooh steak night never looked so sexy! A course blend of spices to give your meat that tender loving care they deserve with just a bit of smoke and heat. 


Sexy Shark's slutty Seasoning Salt- she goes down on anything!!!!! Great season-all for meats, veggies, snacks, anything! 

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