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Whataburger Christmas GLOW 20 oz tumbler

Whataburger Christmas GLOW 20 oz tumbler


Capacity: 20oz

-ORIGINAL artwork--created and designed BY and exclusively for Rowdy Maui! 

- Glow In The Dark

- Come package in a glow in the dark gift box with peekaboo window, great for gifting!

- Sliding Splash Proof Lid

- Straw & Care Card Included

- Stays Cold 24+ hours & Warm 8 hours

These tumblers are double-wall, vacuum insulated, BPA free and come individually boxed.


About the artwork: 

This piece actually has a lot of meaning to it, besides just loving Christmas and Whataburger.


My grandparents really loved Whataburger too, and I was really close with my Granny and Grandad. Growing up they only lived one street away from my house, so naturally we spent a lot of time together. When my family made the big move from little ol' Holliday, TX to Rockport, they also moved down a year later to be with us. 

My Granny and Grandad would go somewhere everyday, they  never wanted to sit all day at home. So, they'd make their rounds-Walmart, Heb, Dollar Tree and Whataburger.

Sometimes they'd change things up and trade out Whataburger for Taco Bell, but once Taco Bell discontinued their shredded chicken---nope, Granny wanted no part of that place anymore. Besides, Whataburger was their favorite. They always ordered a Justaburger each , usually added bacon, shared french fries, and sometimes Grandad would treat himself to onion rings (he always told me they had the best onion rings of all the fast food places....I agree!)  and ordered senior drinks. 

They'd refill their cups before leaving and when finished with them, washed out the cups and kept them.

For the longest time, I can remember seeing a pile of Whataburger cups all stacked by her kitchen sink, ready to be used again.


What really sparked my inspiration for this one though, was the fact that Grandad saw these cups as multipurpose. They often served as the vase for flowers he would pick out of their yard on special days for my Granny.

They always had pretty, colorful flowers growing and to me that was the sweetest thing in the world--he would go out in the morning on her birthday or anniversary or even 'just because' and pick out some of the prettiest ones and put them together and create the perfect Whataburger bouquet and placed it on their kitchen table.


We teased them about it, but truthfully that to me is the epitome of a great relationship and I think that everyone deserves a Whataburger bouquet every now and then.


We lost my Grandad in early 2021, and Granny in May 2022. It's been really tough without them, and this year (2022) is our first Christmas without them both. Our Christmas tradition since I was born was dinner at Granny's on Christmas Eve, then coming back for leftovers on Christmas day. I have been meaning to create a portrait of the colorful Whataburger bouquets, but I just haven't been able to look at the photo long enough without totally losing my shit. I miss them terribly and think of them often. I miss Whataburger dates with them and just being able to pop over and see them. So, when the time came this year to start focusing on creating some holiday designs, this was the first and only thing I could think of. I wanted to push it off as it so bittersweet to think about, but I couldn't do it. I had to make something for them, for Christmas. 


It's been a tough couple of years, but I'm so grateful for the time I had with them and the love they showed me, and for the love they had for each other and Whataburger. 


Merry Christmas Granny and Grandad, I'll save you some onion rings. 

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