Rockport Strong Koozie

Rockport Strong Koozie


On August 25 2017, Hurricane Harvey ravaged our gulf coast town of Rockport, TX and made direct landfall as a category 4 hurricane. Two days later my brother & dad came back to town to access the damages. While cleaning up our shop, my brother grabbed a piece of wooden debri that had landed on our deck, a can of spray paint from our destroyed shed & spraypainted the infamous ROCKPORT STRONG sign. If you try to do a google search for Hurricane Harvey & Rockport, TX you're likely to find this same sign. 


He propped it up in the front of the shop facing the street using a couple of bricks just to let people know that Rowdy Maui had survived & that our town would too. It quickly became the town's battle cry and a popular photo op. It was featured on the cover of The Bend magazine, it made an appearance on LA Times, it also was shown on national news segments across Fox news, CNN, NBC, and ABC. 

It even made an appearance on the AMA's during a performance by Pink & Kelly Clarkson.


The sign was moved to the side of our building as we worried the weather would further damage the sign. It was hanging high in a very visible spot for all to still enjoy. Then, in June 2018 it disappeared.

Someone had pulled one of our picnic tables from the front of our store to the side and removed the sign.

There were a few drive-by witnesses. Through social media we were able to piece together the puzzle and narrow down a specific time. The culprit had not only stolen the sign, but had actually failed to remove it in his first attempt. He had to return later that afternoon to finish the job. 

We were outraged. Our locals were outraged. Rewards were offered. 

Local news stations became involved. Then, news stations & papers across Texas became involved.


Three days later, the sign was dropped off at a nearby business. 

Someone had signed it "6/18 xo Dad"

We then found an apology letter tacked outside our building. 
We still don't know who stole it, but they felt guilty (which I mean, they should, it is theft after all) but still had enough heart to return the sign. 


It still hangs proudly on the side of our building. 


But now you can have your own sign to take home, but this time it's on a blue koozie.