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Peacemaker Painted Boots

Peacemaker Painted Boots


One of a kind! Handpainted cowboy boots with artwork inspired by Peacemaker & his bff Eagly

We’re a little..okay ALOT…obsessed with HBO’s series called Peacemaker. If you haven’t seen it, you absolutely should. It’s funny and has excellent music, and Eagly. Watch it for Eagly.

About the boots: vintage leather Tony Llama’s with eelskin lower, excellent condition! Size 9 men’s

About the paint: yes, it will last. I started painting boots in 2009 using only high quality leather paint specially designed JUST for this reason. They are also sealed once finished and will last for many years. It doesn’t wash off, and it won’t peel off like regular acrylics either. I’ve worked hard to perfect my method!

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