Lava Stone & Dalmation Jasper Diffuser Necklace

Lava Stone & Dalmation Jasper Diffuser Necklace


Locally made! 

Silver tone chain with handbeaded center with lava stones (black) & dalmation jasper (white speckled)

Lava stones are not only attractive for jewelry, but are great for applying essential oils & enjoying their benefits all day! Just apply a drop or two to the lava stones & enjoy! 

Dalmation jasper is said to promote positivity, happiness, & childlike playfulness. Dalmation Jasper helps to break down barriers created around yourself, helping you to move forward.


Approx. 20 in chain length

These necklaces come in two different styles--

With the dalmation jasper on the ends & 3 lava stones in the center

or with one single dalmation jasper in the center & surrounded by two lava stones on each side.