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Greta Gremlin felt air freshie

Greta Gremlin felt air freshie


Smells like teen spirit....j/k smells like elder millenials trying to pay the bills with nonsensical crafts and humor.


Handmade felt air fresheners with your scent of choice! 

Each air freshener is double sided and hangs with a stretchy cord

These are reusable, so when the fragrance starts to fade....just spritz it with your favorite perfume or fragrance of choice! 


We have 8 scents:


Fruit Loops- Just like your favorite nostalgic fruity cereal! 


Lucky Charms- With extra marshmallows, too! Sweet, slightly fruity, this one is my personal fave.


Ramen Noodles- You know you love it. Smells just like a package of chicken ramen soup. Cheap, fast, and delicous. 


Blue Slushy- What's your favorite slushy flavor? Duh, blue. Fruity and makes you want to stick a straw in it and drink it. 


Honolulu Sun- Similiar to Bath & Body works. Coconut/pineapple/beachy goodness


Cocoa Puffs- Smells so close to the real thing you'll end up driving to the grocery store to get a box. YUM! Chocolatey cereal deliciousness makes you want to sit in front of  a tv and watch your favorite cartoons


Capt Crunch Berries- Just like the Cocoa Puffs--this one's the real deal! Not just Capn Crunch....Capt Crunch WITH CRUNCH BERRIES! YUM! 


Dr. Pepper- Like the Dr ordered. Smells like the soda! 

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