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Bypass Betty the erotic novel

Bypass Betty the erotic novel


Ohhhh my gosh, if you’re familiar with the abandoned trailer on the 35 bypass coming into town and loved the all the funny memes and shenanigans that followed, then you’ll get a kick out of this!

Local author—we are the exclusive retailer to carry this print version (besides Amazon, but it’s the same price, so support small ya’ll!)

This is an erotic novel rated mature, so please 18+ ONLY!!!!

About the book:

How exactly did that trailer end up on the bypass?

Betty is a small town girl with big city dreams and IBS willing to do anything and everything in order to get her trailer home towed to her new life waiting for her in Rockfart, TX.

Getting her trailer towed out of Aransas Pit only took a bit of her oral persuasion skills, but getting it all the way into Rockfart proved to be much more difficult. Betty is stranded on the bypass, desperate where she encounters a rich man with an odd fetish, a drunk swinging couple, to becoming famous and meeting the millionaire of her dreams. With plenty of sucking and slurping and shrimp Ramen noodles in between, Bypass Betty is a kinky tale sure to tickle all your trailer trash fantasies.

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