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Best Candles Ever

Best Candles Ever


Expertly named by myself and our in house perfumer Rooster….did I say perfumer? I meant performer

Highly fragranced Handpoured soy candles, exclusively at Rowdy Maui!!


Pound Town by the Sea- a floral, fruity medley as water orchid, green coconut, kiwi blossom and Tahitian vanilla are fondled with accents of pineapple, frangipani, amber and sea salt. It’s an under the sea sex party! Jk but it’s sweet, fruity, and beachy and you're going to love it


Juicy Cougar- ooooh MEOW! Spicy, woodsy, sophisticated and a bit slutty with bold florals, warm amber and musky woods.


Steal Your Man- Smells like the girls bathroom at your high school prom, a shit ton of Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell” body mist 😂 Iconic! You know you love it!


Cum & Cuddle- sweet and spicy like some bare naked fun on a bear naked rug by a fire in the woods. Post orgasmic snuggley goodness. 


I Fucking Love You- Smells better than the shit you put each other through, thats for sure. A whirwind blend of citrus, florals, exotic woods and musk with a base of vanilla and tonka bean. 


Please Don't Do Meth in Our Bathroom- That's methed up. It's got citrus and botanical notes to hide whatever unpleasant smells you've got, whether it be meth or a massive poop. 


Cocaine & Hookers-  Nostalgic, a little sweet, a little musky, just like you remember those wild nights with Gram Gram on the Vegas strip. (this one is actually our top seller!) 


It's Not a Whore House, It's a Whore Home- Bright citrus, sea salt, and bergamot notes blend with musk and sandalwood for a fresh, expansive union. Smells like you probably can't afford those property taxes anymore, but atleast your home will smell like it. 


SugarDaddy- Big melons get bigger bucks right?! Sun-sweet watermelon, notes of ripe cantaloupe, and honeydew sprinkled with sea salt crystals accented by lush, floral greens reminiscent of the islands you hope to someday visit once you find that sugardaddy who will pay for all the vacations you desire. 


Flocked Up- The essence of  summer! Lavish florals meet sweet fruit accords with a just-right counterpoint of sandalwood and musk to create this masterwork. Label features our original coastal bird art :) 

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