a look through the last 13 years...

Our shop is ever changing and features original artwork and products by us as well as other local & independent artists. Our favorite phrase to hear is "I've never seen that before!" and we are proud of what we have built since 2006.

We offer a little bit of everything-from original art, clothing, home decor, jewelry, gifts & so much more.

The name Rowdy Maui comes from a combination of our Texas roots & our love of all things tropical. No, we are not from Maui (but it'd be cool if we were) and neither one of us are named Rowdy. Our names are Sherrel & Kacie and we're the mother-daughter duo masterminds of this whole funky operation. We've two peas in a pink polka dotted pod and share a love for all that is unique (and cats. all of the cats.)

We're best buds and we thank our lucky stars everyday that we are able to take on this journey together and welcome you to be a part of our family too. We put the ART in PARTY, and FASH in Fashion...okay, that last one didn't really work, but the point is---life is short, so make the most of it and have some FUN with your art, your fashion, your home & YOUR LIFE! Let that freak flag fly high, we'll help customize it for you too! ;)

We could go on and on about how cool our store is and how we've worked so hard to make it a unique shopping experience for you, but really you should experience it firsthand. So hop in your car or on a bus or a train and make your way to Rockport!




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